Because there’s usually a lot on the line when it comes to legal proceedings, it’s best to hire professionals. We will serve all legal documents by following every letter of the law — national, state or local. With more than thirty years in the business, we know the ins and outs of the process service, and you can trust us to deliver all papers on time and with the proof of service. What’s more, we also prepare that proof and file it with the Court. That’s how we can make sure that your case doesn’t get dismissed or thrown out due to faulty paperwork.

Our Services

  • Business and Individual Process Service
  • On-Site Document Production
  • Court Messenger and Court Document Filing Services
  • On-Site Public Records Research
  • Skip Tracing and Asset Searches
  • Stake Out Service/Surveillance
  • Private Investigation Services
  • Mobile Notary

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Delivering legal papers to individuals or businesses is no easy task. There’s a particular protocol that demands that the documents are served in person. Furthermore, when serving legal documents, it’s crucial that the time, date, and location are noted carefully. We then file this information with the Court in the form of a formal declaration.

The California law demands undeniability when it comes to serving legal documents. When we serve papers to someone, they can’t deny they were informed and served. We abide by the rules. What’s more, we diligently follow all steps of the process service — a vital part of the legal process.

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With our service, you can be sure that we will efficiently, professionally, and quickly, find anyone that we need to serve, and do it in a professional, and more importantly, Court rules-abiding manner. Call us now at (855) 545-1303 or reach us online website [] and hire licensed experts.