“Why hire a process server to serve someone with legal documents?”

Serving process is not a simple process. It takes more effort than simply walking up to someone and handing them papers. In California, there are various ways short of physical delivery to serve someone with a summons. Other documents, such as a subpoena, have to be personally served upon the individual or a judge might not enforce it.

You could get the Sheriff’s Department to do it, but there is no guarantee that they will get to it on time. You need your documents to be served FAST. The Sheriff’s Department has such an impossible workload that it seems unreasonable to think they would give your case the attention our organization can. The Sheriff’s Department does not have the time and backup resources to solve any problems that may arise if something goes wrong. We do.

It pays to hire a professional process server and private investigator. Your legal papers need to be served by someone who knows what the rules are and where the draw the line. You need a process server who knows how to get the job done and ways to bend the rules to complete your process service that only an experienced process server can.

Who engages professional process server private investigators and detectives?

  • Law firms looking for rapid, efficient, economical process service of new lawsuits
  • Trial attorneys who need to subpoena witnesses
  • Copy services specializing in obtaining medical and business records under procedures set by the California Evidence Code, and Code of Civil Procedure
  • Plaintiffs filing their own lawsuits “in pro per” – i.e., representing themselves
  • Anybody filing a small claims case, where no attorneys are allowed.

Private investigators know how to find individuals who are trying to evade service. Process servers often run into roadblocks, such as, when the individuals they are trying to serve are not at the locations provided by clients. We have resources to locate these individuals who do not want to be found. Our staff is full of experienced investigators who knows how to shift gears in the field should a problem arise. They know all of the other options available when personal service is not an option. So when you need to get your legal documents served WITHOUT FAIL, you need to hire a professional process server private investigator.

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